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April 2022: UAE increases fuel prices for the third time

UAE raises fuel prices for April 2022

The UAE has revised its fuel prices for the month of April.

From April 1, Super 98 petrol will cost Dhs3.74 a litre, a 15.78 per cent increase over the Dhs3.23 price the previous month.

Special 95 will cost Dhs3.62 per litre, a 16 per cent increase over the Dhs3.12 it cost in March.

E-Plus 91 petrol will cost Dhs3.55 a litre, compared to Dh3.05 a litre last month – a 16.3 per cent increase.

The price of diesel has also been raised 26 per cent from Dhs3.19 in March to Dhs4.02 this month.

Opec+ ratified the 432,000 barrel-a-day supply increase scheduled for May at an online meeting on Thursday, delegates said.

The decision was in line with expectations and very much peripheral to the main driver of prices on the market — President Joe Biden’s plan to release about 1 million barrels a day from crude reserves for several months to ease the disruption caused by Ukrainian crisis.

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