Why is UAE one of the safest country in the world?


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently topped the list of countries where people feel safe walking alone at night. Did you know it?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently topped the list of countries where people feel safe walking alone at night. About 95% of residents confirmed the country’s safety in Gallup’s Global Law and Order 2021 report.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, had said: “Residents can safely walk alone at night. Security is a blessing, and security means a calm and happy life. If someone tells you that a woman can walk alone, during the day or night, without fear, know that she is in UAE.” The United Arab Emirates also came 2nd in the highest law and order index, considering it the second safest country after Norway, scoring 93 and 94 points, respectively.

The top 5 countries in terms of law and order

  1. Norway 94
  2. UAE 93
  3. China 93
  4. Switzerland 93
  5. Finland 92

Top 5 countries where people feel safest walking alone

  1. UAE 95 percent
  2. Norway 93 percent
  3. China 91 percent
  4. Slovenia 91 percent
  5. Taiwan 89 percent
Top 5 countries where people feel safest walking alone

In October, Georgetown University released its Women, Peace & Security Index and ranked the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the safest country for women at night. The study found that 98.5% of women felt safe while walking alone in the neighbourhood at night. 

Singapore came second at 96%, followed by Hong Kong at 95%. Earlier this year, another survey by Numbeo rated Abu Dhabi as the safest place in the world. Doha and Dubai are also in the top 10.

Highlights of safety index

  • Abu Dhabi has been named the world’s safest city for the sixth consecutive year.
  • Numbeo Safety Index 2022, the 10 safest countries also include Sharjah (4) and Dubai (8).
  • The three United Arab Emirates are ahead of cities like Zurich and Monaco.
  • Abu Dhabi has a safety index of 88.4. It cemented its position as a safe and secure place to live, work and invest.
  • Based on user feedback on topics such as crime, pollution, safety, and cost of living. Abu Dhabi is rated “very low” for crime, fear of theft or robbery, and drug use. It scored “very high” on feeling safe walking alone.
  • Created in 2009, Numbeo is an online collaborative database that allows users to share and compare information.

UAE aims to become the more safe country

UAE aims to become the more safe country

According to the report, UAE does not have a rich natural resource base (95th). However, it attracts both business and leisure travellers.

The report entitled ‘Tourism in the UAE – A Strategic Vision for 2030’. Moreover, the UAE plans to increase the number of tourists visiting the country from 1 million annually to 5 million by 2030. 

In addition, the report states that the UAE aims to attract $100 billion worth of investment into the tourism sector between 2015 and 2030.”

In contrast, the UAE benefits from diverted demand as it is seen as a “safe” destination; residency in the year increased by 8%.

The report explained that, when categorizing countries, they took into account “the costliness of common crimes and violence as well as the extent to which police forces can be trusted to protect from such crimes”.

In terms of safety, Dubai ranks eighth in the world

According to the Numbeo, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have taken place among the safest cities in the world for 2020.

Reason behind

The reason it’s so safe is that most people (employees) in the UAE, commonly from other countries and most locals, are well off, so they probably won’t rob you.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are ranked first and seventh, respectively. UAE is one of the safest countries in the Middle East for tourists. Its stricter laws mean crime is kept to a minimum. As a result, many tourists feel that UAE is much safer than elsewhere. The crime rate in UAE is much lower than in comparable countries in other parts of the world.  There is clean, safe, and monitored public transportation in the city, and riding it does not threaten travellers.

A piece from ‘United Arab Emirates Crime and Safety Report 2021’

nited Arab Emirates Crime and Safety Report

To help further ease any security issues you may encounter. We have highlighted information from the UAE Crime and Safety Report.

UAE Crime Threats

The crime rate in the UAE is significantly lower than that of most nations with comparable populations. Violence in criminal activity is incredibly rare and typically occurs in third-country national communities.

Medical Emergencies & Police Response in UAE

For ambulance, medical emergency, police, and fire emergency services, call 999.

“English-speaking agents are always available. Many international emergency numbers have been captured and added to the emergency call network in Dubai and UAE, with the understanding that in an emergency, people can have tends to go back to familiar numbers, so an American should call 911 in an emergency, the call will always be connected to UAE Police and Emergency Services.”

Road Safety in UAE

“Vehicle collisions happen frequently. Serious collisions with fatalities or serious injuries do happen, though they rarely do more than cause property damage and relatively minor injuries.” “The most frequent causes of the more serious accidents are excessive speed, various driving patterns. And also practices by the diverse international community, and occasionally diminished visibility due to heavy fog.”

Public Transportation in UAE

Most taxis are tan except for the rooftops, which can be red, blue, green, yellow, or pink (in respect of female passengers, there are female drivers).

Respect for Islamic Law

Respect for Islamic Law

Islamic law is observed in UAE, but often some leniency is given to non-Muslim adults. Pay attention to the season you plan to visit different cities in UAE, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, for any religious or cultural spectacle that might affect your visit.

While alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited for Muslims in Dubai, non-Muslim adults are allowed to consume alcohol in licensed places such as hotels or private homes where the owner has a license for alcohol. As long as visitors to Dubai and Abu Dhabi respect local customs and UAE citizens, they usually have no problem travelling within the country.

Summing up

UAE is very safe to travel to. That’s not to say there’s no crime, especially around the main tourist attractions, but tourists are rarely targeted. Also, the fact that most of the people you’ll come in contact with are strangers means that if they try to commit a crime, they’ll be kicked out immediately, and that’s practically the only way to stop the crime.

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