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Navratri 2023 Events Happening in Dubai

Navratri 2022 Events Happening in Dubai

We have created a list for you to celebrate Navratri in Dubai. Give it a look!

Navaratri is a biannual festival and one of the most revered Hindu festivals celebrated in honour of Mother Goddess Durga. It is observed for various reasons and celebrated differently in different parts of Hindu-Indian culture. Theoretically, there are four seasons of Navaratri. However, it is an autumn festival after the monsoon called Sharada Navaratri.

First in the month of Chaitra (in March/April per the Gregorian calendar), and again in the month of Sharadha (in September/October per the Gregorian calendar), which lasts nine nights (and ten days). This festival is celebrated on the Hindu calendar in the bright half of Ashbin.

Usually, this month falls in October on the Gregorian calendar. They are held at the same time as the Nine Emperor Festival. This year, Navratri begins on the 15th of October and ends on the 23th of October. 

If you are as excited about the vibrance of this festival as we are, visit the Navratri celebrations in Dubai.

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