Tattoos in Dubai: Are They Legal and Can You Have Them in the UAE

Tattoos in Dubai: Are They Legal and Can You Have Them in the UAE

You might want to get a tattoo in Dubai, let’s check out the details here!

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular amongst people, especially younger people; however, tattoos are still seen as controversial in some parts of the world and even illegal in some places. But are tattoos legal in Dubai? And can you get one if you live in the United Arab Emirates? The short answer is yes, tattoos are legal in Dubai, but there are still rules and regulations you must know before getting your first tattoo in the UAE. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about having a tattoo if you live in Dubai…

What are the laws on tattoos in the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates does not have any explicit laws on tattoos. As a result, those who want to get tattooed in the UAE are free to do so. However, you must research before getting a tattoo, as some workplaces have policies against tattoos. There is no law against getting a tattoo nor any regulation on where you can go for this procedure, which means that people of all ages and genders can get them done.

What are the laws on tattoos in the UAE?

Can tourists in Dubai get tattoos?

Yes! Tattooing is legal for tourists so long as they are 18 years or older. The process is a little more complicated for those who have never been tattooed, so it’s best to go with someone with some experience. If you’re 18 or older, you can legally go to one of many tattoo shops throughout the city with artists ready to ink up your skin. It’s also worth noting that there are strict rules about what you can and cannot tattoo (no pornographic images), how big it can be (full back tattoos are prohibited), and where on your body you can have it done (you’re not allowed to get a tattoo on your face).

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Where can you get your tattoo done?

There are several tattoo parlors in Dubai, but not all offer high-quality tattoos. It is important to do your research before you set up an appointment with any tattoo artist.  A good tattoo should look like it has always been there and will never fade away or be easily removed.  However, this can only happen if the artist applies the ink properly. 

Tattooing isn’t for everyone. Many people get their tattoos done as teenagers and regret them as adults when they realize what they wanted was just some colorful ink on their skin instead of something meaningful that represents who they are.

Tattoos in Dubai

Are tattoos allowed in Islam?

In Islam, tattoos are forbidden because they are seen as self-mutilation. Muslims believe that Allah created human beings with everything they need, so altering what is natural is not allowed. Tattoos are seen as an insult to God because they change what he created. However, this does not mean that all Muslim people do not get tattoos; some will get them done overseas or outside of the country. It is up to the individual whether or not they decide to get one.  

All tattoo artists must register with Dubai Municipality to work within the city limits.

Does Islam ban henna or stick-on tattoos?

In Islam, tattoos are banned for religious reasons. The only exception is if a person has a tattoo that is an important part of their culture or heritage. For example, some Muslims may have tattoos from their native country that symbolize status. The issue of tattoos also depends on who you ask. Some Muslims believe that the ban does not apply if you are not Muslim and it is just a symbol of your own culture or heritage. Other Muslims think that because the ban comes from God, it applies to everyone regardless of religion. It is up to you to decide whether you want a tattoo based on your beliefs, but remember that they can be quite expensive to cover up or remove later on, should you regret getting one now.

Can you work in Dubai if you have a tattoo?

The law forbids people with tattoos from entering the country without a license waiver issued by immigration authorities. If you’re caught at immigration with a tattoo, you’ll be deported immediately without being allowed to apply for a waiver. 

However, foreigners living in the UAE can get their tattoos done if they do it outside the country and don’t plan on returning. However, this doesn’t apply to Emiratis, who are prohibited from getting tattoos altogether due to Sharia Law.  

In some cases, those with temporary visas (e.g., visitors or students) have had problems when applying for jobs because the company won’t hire them if they have visible tattoos on their hands or arms. So, if you’ve got a cat that’s not hidden well enough and want to work in Dubai, ensure your potential employer is okay with it beforehand!

Tattoos in Dubai

Will a tattoo affect getting a visa?

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, your tattoo will affect whether or not you’re eligible for visa renewal. With that in mind, knowing whether your tattoo is valid is important. In Dubai, tattoos are only legal if they have been pre-approved by the government. This is why many tourists will get their tattoos done abroad before coming to Dubai, so they don’t have any problems getting their visas renewed. If you’re a local with an approved tattoo, renewing your visa should be no problem. However, if the authorities find out about your tattoo after you renew your visa, it could result in deportation from Dubai.

Can you work in Dubai if you have a tattoo?

If you are looking for a job in Dubai, it’s important to know that having tattoos on your hands or face can make things difficult. Many companies will not hire anyone who has visible tattoos. Tattoo artists are prohibited from working in certain industries, such as healthcare, law enforcement, or childcare. There is no specific rule about whether tattoos are allowed, but most employers prefer not to hire people with visible ink.

Summing up

Unfortunately, tattoos are not legal at the moment. There is a huge misconception that tattoos are illegal because they are un-Islamic, but this is not true. Tattoos are illegal because there is no legislation for them. The government does not allow tattooing to happen anywhere in Dubai. This means that getting a tattoo – whether a small design on your arm or something more elaborate – will be very difficult if you live here. Even if you find someone who says they can help you get one, remember that it’s against the law and could lead to serious consequences.

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