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Best Brilliantly Boozy Brunches to Try in Dubai

Brunches of Dubai

Dubai is known as one of the world’s most extravagant locations. To know about top 7 brunches in Dubai, read this blog!

Dubai is known as one of the world’s most extravagant locations. In this crazy destination, Brunch has no exception. This trend of a classic feast in the form of dining indulgence has created a new space in the heart of every Emirati. This term brunch mainly originated or may have been used first in England. There the term brunch originated in the time of late century of 19th. However, the term brunch became popular in the United States in 1930. Their people mainly are to eat some “alcoholic drinks” as brunch. The alcoholic drinks were like champagne and like cocktails as well.

Brunches of Dubai


The term brunches have replaced the traditional eating process in Dubai. In the past day, people usually ate pieces of bread and eggs and something like that. But now, this meal of bread and butter has changed and become the “five-star afternoon feast in Dubai.” Now people in Dubai used to enjoy this brunch as a kind of signature of some dishes of a couple with “free-flowing beverages.”

Sometimes in the five-star gourmet afternoon, brunch is also served in a buffet format. The Dubai brunch allows people to experience the taste and flavor of every kind of food throughout the world. To taste the flavor of brunch in Dubai, various people from various places come to Dubai.

So this can be discussed with a list of some best brunches in Dubai:

List of Brunches in Dubai

The first one is the….

1. Caviar Kaspia

Caviar Kaspia

This Caviar Kaspia has developed as the best brunch in Dubai, inspired by the “Russian Émigré’s re the location to Paris.” This was developed in the early century of 20th. Caviar Kaspia is decoration filled with grandeur and full of old-world glamour. Dubai outpost opened Caviar Kaspia in late 2021. With its opening, it has also commented, “The Caviar Kaspia is one of the swishiest places for dining in the whole area of DIFC.” 

“The glided Parisian restaurant” has launched the best kind of “refined Saturday brunch.” French classics’ four courses and any kind of cocktail the customers may wish to have is also included in the “refined Saturday Brunch” in Dubai.

You may have vegan brunch with some fresh and juicy viennoiseries with an egg dish with some Oscietra caviar, and you may have some smoked salmon on the top. After having this, you will be able to choose any kind of appetizer as your wish. 

Then comes the main course. In the main course you can order classic foods like some “penne pasta with some veal bacon” and also you can order vodka as a drink to overcome your stress, and you may also order our best which is “the Kaspia’s stuffed croissant.”

Now let’s come to in dessert part. As a dessert, you can have a milk cake with rosewater, or you can also have a decadent pain perdu with some wild berries that may force you to feel like the cherry on the top and some whipped mascarpone.

Contact +971 4 243 5633

Address: DIFC, Gate Village Building 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Next is 

2. Bar Du Port

Bar Du Port

Dubai is full of “Riviera-inspired waterside venues.” So Bar Du Port is located at the “shiny new Dubai Harbour.” Bar Du Port has developed by overlooking “a yacht-packed harbor.” At the back side of Bar Du Port is the Marina Skyline which makes the view of Bar Du Port too precious and attracts the customers the most to enjoy this view. In this restaurant, the Saturday brunch has been launched. The people may enjoy the “four-hour package with some Mediterr Asian cuisine.” Also, the customer enjoys their Saturday brunch with their loving DJ. the Saturday brunch at the Bar Du Port includes the menu of smoked salmon. Some chicken truffle, also some “Australian beef tenderloin,” and all these food become tastier for “large sun-soaked terrace” and the “Boho-chic interiors.” So to enjoy all these people come there again and again.

Contact: +971 4 332 4868

Address: Dubai Harbour Pier Club – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

3. Mimi Kakushi

Mimi Kakushi

Mimi Kakushi has brought a new addition to the Dubai Friday brunch. It has bled the “far east cuisine.” However, the western has influenced the Mimi Kakushi to make this Friday brunch more attractive and precious for the people. Mimi Kakughi presents a sensory and delicious menu full of well-known and very famous Japanese dishes. These dishes are full of a playful combination of different flavors and textures, which may never be forgettable if one tastes this. 

Suddenly in April 2021, Fi’lia garnered so much attention. It happened just because a swish hotel was opened at that time in SLS Dubai. For this, suddenly Fi’lia comes to be known by everyone in Dubai. Fi’lia is just not a name; it is a brand by itself. There in Dubai pole to learn about many more restaurants with terraces, but Fi’lia was a kind of home of the best terraces in Dubai Downtown. This Fi’lia has 70 floors in the building. Due to this height, people can enjoy the view of “twinkling Downtown Skyland” and the Burj Khalifa, the most desirable view from the Fi’lia. 

Contact: +971 4 379 4811

Address: Four Seasons Resort – 23 A St – Jumeirah – Jumeirah 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

4. Fi’lia


Not only the views from Fi’lia, but people will also enjoy the “five-course al fresco feast” with some soft live music from some loving band singer and some “breezy Italian classic” which can derive the customer’s bad mood to the best mood ever. Therefore, people will be able to spend quality time, and they will be able to collect various memories from Fi’lia. After the main course, when it comes to the part of the dessert, Fi’lia serves the best dessert on their menu. People can enjoy the “live cannoli station” as a dessert and “Chef Sara pimping,” out of fresh and creamy pistachio, then some rich chocolates and some original delights. So with all these things, the brunch will be completed merely.

Contact: +971 4 607 0737

Address: Level 70, SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences – Marasi Dr – Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

5. Alici


People of Dubai enjoy the beautiful Saturday brunch at Alici. Alici provides a beautiful and sensory trip to “Amalfi Coast with the Crudo,” also a “colorful antipasti” and a “la carte choice of mains from Alici’s signature Italian seafood.” These things attract the most people from outside of Dubai also. To enjoy all these things, people come from various places to Dubai. In the winter, the view from Alici’s terrace looks more beautiful. People can enjoy dining at the Alici terrace with some Italian foods and the view of the calm or the silent water of the “Arabian Gulf” and the view of JBR.

Contact: +971 4 275 2577

Address: Bluewaters Island – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

6. Tasca


Tasca is “Jose Avillez’ Portuguese raturant”. It can be defined as a modern reinterpretation, a kind of “home country’s traditional.” Tasca is surely one of the best Saturday brunches in Dubai. Tasca is located on “the rooftop of the Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah in Dubai. Tasca’s signature is the Portuguese flavor. So the people may want to try the flavor of Portuguese they come to the Tasca. 

So people can try the Portuguese menu, which includes “bulhao pato,” “calms cooked simply in coriander and garlic,” “wagyu flank steak,” and also some “steamed and socked sea bass.” In the summer, people can enjoy the view of the ocean, which is behind the Tasca, and a pool is here. So to take a rest from the scorching heat of the sun in summer, people come there and spend some quality tie and also quantity time with their loving ones. 

Contact: +971 4 777 2231

Address: Jumeirah Beach Rd – Jumeirah – Jumeirah 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

7. Hutong


On the way to London, Hong Kong, New York, or Miami, the best Chinese restaurant is the Hutong. No doubt that it is the best Dubai Chinese restaurant. 

Here people will be able to find the taste of north china, which is too rare to find in Dubai. Here the facility of the banquet is also available. People also can enjoy this homage system. People will be able to enjoy the dining “three-course sharing feast,” which includes the “fluffy steamed bao buns” in Hutong. There is also the “delicate dim sum,” “Yun nan chicken stir-fried with truffle sauce,” and mouthwatering dishes like “pan-fried sea bass” available there in Hutong. 

Then come to the dessert part. Hutong has its signature dessert dish for the customers. This signature Deseret is a “show-stopping tier.” In addition, the facility of DJ and dancing are also available to make the environment or the atmosphere more delightful. Therefore, with all these things together, the Hutong is the best Chinese restaurant in Dubai. In addition, it gains more as the best Saturday brunch in Dubai.

Contact: +971 4 220 0868

Address: Gate Building 6, Ground Floor DIFC Al Sukook Street – DIFC – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


So, if the discussion is all about the best brunches in Dubai, then there is no doubt that all of these are the best brunches in Dubai. Most people come from different places to taste the craze of Saturday brunch in Dubai. 

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