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Everything you need to know about New Global Village Season 27 Dubai

New Global Village Season 27

The much-awaited and much-famed New Global Village Season 27 will soon start airing, and the wait is killing us all! 

The much-awaited and much-famed New Global Village Season 27 will soon start airing, and the wait is killing us all!  The Global Village brings together various activities and entertainment that appeal to everyone’s taste, from food lovers to shopaholics, extreme sports enthusiasts, families with children, and much more! The themes of New Global Village change every year. NGV is more than just another entertainment event; it truly becomes an interactive experience that gives viewers insight into how people with different cultures live around the world. Here is what you need to know about the event.

What is Global Village?

Global Village

Dubai is famous for its tall building and the sheikh’s. There is also something called a Global Village. The name of this village may give you an idea of what it does. It displays different cultures from around the world, which are presented in booths, food stands, performance areas and other features. There are over eighty nations represented here, so there is certainly something for everyone! These performances include live concerts, dances and traditional demonstrations of crafts such as silk weaving, pottery making and face painting! 

There are also cafes serving food from all over the world or ice cream that combines flavours from everywhere.

What can we expect from Global Village 2022? 

In 2020, Dubai will mark the tenth anniversary of the announcement that the city won hosting rights for Expo 2020, and in 2022 it will be kicking off its silver jubilee celebrations by hosting what will be the third edition of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature (EAFOL) – with a new name: New Global Village. 

In line with this season’s theme – Magic – organisers are promising visitors a range of exciting attractions, which include stalls for interactive demonstrations and performances, that aim to offer visitors an immersive experience into one of the most discussed topics at the moment: how technology is transforming our lives. As well to traditional markets with crafts and jewellery from around the world, visitors can expect broader food, drinks and souvenir options.

The Global Village will begin operations in 2022

The Global Village will begin operations in 2022.

The 27th Global Village Festival will start on October 25, 2022, and is currently projected to end in April 2023. Generally, the festival runs for about six months.

On Saturday, and Wednesday, 4 PM to 12 AM.

Every Thursday and Friday from 4 pm to 1 am.

On Mondays (excluding those in which there is a public holiday), these are reserved for families and women only.

Located in Downtown Dubai, the district showcases one-of-a-kind architectural styles from different parts of the world, including Athens, Tokyo, Lisbon and more. Visitors can stroll through these diverse neighbourhoods for a street experience. At night the district transforms into an international zone with incredible late-night dining spots and chic nightclubs catering for revellers of all tastes and preferences.

The best things to do in Global Village Dubai are listed below

If you love arts and culture and want an experience that is not typical tourist sightseeing, head over to the newest addition to the UAE’s entertainment districts: Global Village. Here, live performance shows and exhibits feature national and international talent in various fields, such as music, theatre, visual arts, media productions, and more. With much of the art on display related to Abu Dhabi’s diverse cultural heritage in one way or another, there are many opportunities for deep dives into Abu Dhabi’s heritage.

Guests of this exhibition and entertainment venue can look forward to an even more impressive list of things happening on stage this time. As the world’s largest travelling exposition, it has no shortage of artists, food, and various cultural activities for guests to experience. You can be sure that there will be many opportunities for attendees to interact with each other at countless workshops and presentations offered by experts.  

What makes New Global Village different from other programs?

One of the most difficult things about learning a new language is making sense of grammar. Even if you find a course on YouTube, it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out which expressions are right in which context. It can be frustrating or lead people to give up too soon. This is where New Global Village come in – they break down the grammar into manageable chunks, each with its teaching video.

Cost of ticket 

At the gate, the ticket price remains AED 20, including 5% VAT. Tickets purchased online or through the app will cost AED 15 each. Children younger than 3 years old and seniors over 65 can enter for free.

Specific rules to follow 

1) No pets

2) Dress modestly

3) No skateboards, scooters, segways hoverboards, or similar devices

4) Public displays of affection should be avoided

Without a permit, filming is not allowed.

All new “Road of Asia” concept 

All new Road of Asia concept 

The Silk Road of Asia is an international destination with a fascinating storyline that includes cultural cuisines from countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, such as Cambodia, China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Each country’s culture and people are highlighted through individual pavilions that feature key aspects of the culture—music, dance performances, or artisan products. The new layout also offers a diverse food experience. Visitors can find regional dishes on offer at each of the national pavilions or get Italian food at the Flavours Alley. And there is so much more to do — visitors can explore activities like paragliding over Dubai Mall or visit the fishing village where they can purchase fresh seafood straight from fishermen.

Premium Experience At Global Village 2022

Cabanas are one exciting feature of Global Village. You can enjoy this service at the park when you come with family or friends. It usually contains up to eight people.

With a butler’s help, you’ll get all that you need. And with a cabana’s premium seating, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy performances in an intimate setting. All things considered, Dubai is inarguably world-renowned.

But if you wish to find more than cabanas, we have just the thing: our exclusive new STAR SEATING, available for viewing the biggest acts from elevated platforms to give you the best view of all.

Pre-booking of VIP Packages Has Started

The much-loved Global Village has announced that pre-booking for Season 27’s VIP Packs have started at 10 am today, September 17, with a limited number available to reserve before the official VIP Pack sale starts on September 24.

Reservations are available exclusively online from the Virgin Megastore Tickets website. Guests can choose between Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver VIP Packs.

The opening of the newest season on October 25, 2022, will also be celebrated with a Gold Coin hidden inside a VIP Pack. The recipient of this coin will win a cash prize of AED 27,000.

The Diamond VIP Packs will be available at Dh6,000, with benefits worth over Dh8,000. Platinum Packs can be purchased for Dh2,500 with benefits worth almost Dh15,000.

The Gold Packs will cost Dh1,950, with benefits valued at Dh13,000. Lastly, Silver Packs are priced at Dh1,600 for benefits worth Dh10,000. Individuals over 18 with valid Emirates ID may buy up to eight VIP packs per person.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, Global village has become a viable option for members of the population in different countries. It offers a variety of ways to spend leisure time and connect with friends, family and people all over the world. This post discussed why you should consider going to Global Village. What do you think? Is it something that might interest you?



For more info, visit https://globalvillage.ae/.

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