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Kai Enzo’s Limited-Time Menu: A Symphony of Japanese Flavours in Dubai

Kai Enzo's Limited-Time Menu A Symphony of Japanese Flavours in Dubai

Experience the rich fusion of Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines against a backdrop of Dubai’s skyline and the Arabian Gulf.

Amid the dynamic culinary scene of Dubai, a new gem shines brightly – Kai Enzo. Nestled atop the Hyatt Centric Jumeirah at La Mer, this rooftop restaurant, under the expert guidance of celebrity Chef Izu Ani, presents an extraordinary marriage of Japanese and Mediterranean influences. This summer, Kai Enzo unveils “The Taste of Kai Enzo,” an exclusive menu capturing the essence of Japan’s culinary heritage. With an impeccable blend of fresh seafood, authentic Japanese inspirations, and Chef Izu’s artistry, this menu promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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Date: From August 28th until October 4th 

Timing:  Monday to Sunday  – 6pm-11:30 pm

Savouring the Symphony: The Taste of Kai Enzo

Experience the ephemeral allure of summer through “The Taste of Kai Enzo,” a meticulously crafted summer menu available for a limited time – from August 28th to October 4th. This culinary journey is an embodiment of Japan’s intricate culinary traditions, bringing the artistry of the East to the heart of Dubai’s vibrant dining scene.

The Natsu Roll: A Celebration of Summer’s Bounty

The Natsu Roll, named after the Japanese term for summer, transports diners to a garden of fresh flavours. This star dish combines the richness of Botan Ebi prawns with the zest of garden-fresh herbs, sumac-seasoned avocado, and the velvety touch of sesame tofu. A subtle truffle infusion adds a luxurious twist, making every bite a celebration of the season’s vibrancy.

Kai Enzo's Limited-Time Menu A Symphony of Japanese Flavours in Dubai

A Salute to Tradition: Sliced Market Fish Kombujime

Immerse yourself in Japan’s pickling tradition with the Sliced Market Fish Kombujime. This dish is a harmonious symphony of sesame, creamy macadamia puree, and cool cucumbers. Crowned with a delightful tenkasu crunch, this creation pays homage to time-honoured Japanese flavours.

Unveiling Japanese Culinary Treasures

Delve deeper into the Japanese culinary landscape with offerings such as tunu Usuzukuri, salt-grilled Mackerel, crispy octopus, Chirashi sushi, and Wagyu gomadare temaki. Each dish tells a story, showcasing Chef Izu’s dedication to authenticity and innovation.

A Sweet Finale: Desserts Beyond Imagination

No culinary journey is complete without a sweet ending. Indulge in the Yuzu Florentine, a delicate dance of kinako shortbread and dulcey cream, or the enchanting Anmitsu, featuring shiratamako dumplings, pineapple yuzu sorbet, and adzuki ice cream. These desserts capture the essence of Japan’s culinary finesse.

Chef Izu Ani’s Vision: A Culinary Tale

Chef Izu Ani’s passion for Japanese culture and cuisine shines through “The Taste of Kai Enzo.” With every dish meticulously curated, Chef Izu aims to offer a glimpse into Japan’s soul – a fusion of nature’s finest ingredients and profound culinary craftsmanship.

A Scenic Delight: Dining with a View

Kai Enzo isn’t just about the cuisine; it’s an immersive experience. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Dubai skyline and the Arabian Gulf, diners are treated to breathtaking panoramic views that elevate the dining experience.

Ambiance Redefined: The Heart of Kai Enzo

At the heart of Kai Enzo lies an interactive sushi bar, where skilled hands craft delectable creations. This central feature adds an element of intrigue to the dining journey, surrounded by carefully designed seating areas that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces.

Beyond Summer: Kai Enzo’s Ongoing Appeal

While the summer menu is a temporary delight, Kai Enzo’s allure extends beyond the season. The restaurant features a lounge area and an upcoming outdoor terrace, ensuring that guests can continue to revel in its unique ambiance.

Savour the Experience: Booking Information

Ready to embark on a culinary odyssey? Kai Enzo’s special summer menu is available seven days a week, from August 28th to October 4th. To learn more about this exquisite dining experience and to make a reservation, visit www.kaienzo.com.

Kai Enzo's Limited-Time Menu A Symphony of Japanese Flavours in Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the summer menu available for a limited time?

Absolutely, the “Taste of Kai Enzo” summer menu is exclusively available from August 28th to October 4th.

2. What can diners expect from the Natsu Roll?

The Natsu Roll is a burst of summer on your palate, featuring Botan Ebi prawns, fresh herbs, sumac-seasoned avocado, sesame tofu, and a touch of truffle.

3. Are there vegetarian options on the summer menu?

Yes, the menu is thoughtfully crafted to cater to different preferences, including vegetarian options that celebrate seasonal ingredients.

4. What sets Kai Enzo apart from other restaurants?

Kai Enzo goes beyond being a restaurant – it’s an experience. With its panoramic views, interactive sushi bar, and blend of Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines, it offers a holistic dining journey.

5. Can I visit Kai Enzo after the summer season?

Absolutely, while the summer menu is a highlight, Kai Enzo’s regular offerings and inviting ambiance are available beyond the summer months.

6. Is a reservation required to dine at Kai Enzo?

While walk-ins are welcome, reservations are recommended to ensure you secure a seat during the limited-time summer menu.


Kai Enzo’s “The Taste of Kai Enzo” summer menu is more than just a culinary experience – it’s an exploration of Japan’s soul, artfully woven into each dish by the skilled hands of Chef Izu Ani. Against the stunning backdrop of Dubai’s skyline, diners are invited to savour the fusion of flavours, traditions, and innovation that define this rooftop restaurant. Whether you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine or a curious epicurean, Kai Enzo promises an unforgettable journey that celebrates the beauty of summer and the richness of culinary artistry. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in this exquisite gastronomic adventure – reserve your table and immerse yourself in the world of Kai Enzo.

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