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KoKo Bay x NFD’s Dubai Extravaganza

NFD x KoKo Bay's Dubai Extravaganza

Style Meets the Golden Sands of Dubai This Winter!

In fashion, there are moments when creativity and luxury converge to create something truly extraordinary. We know Never Fully Dressed (NFD), the iconic fashion brand for its unique and empowering designs, is set to embark on an exhilarating journey with KoKo Bay, an amazing venue in Dubai. This collaboration promises an exclusive beach club takeover where fashion and leisure collide, offering an unforgettable experience for fashion enthusiasts and beachgoers.

The Fusion of Creative Energies

The union of Never Fully Dressed and KoKo Bay represents a harmonious fusion of creative energies. Both brands, each with its distinctive essence, are coming together for a limited-time event that will redefine luxury lifestyle experiences in Dubai. Let’s delve into the details of this captivating collaboration:

The Vision Unveiled: NFD x KoKo Bay

NFD’s Empowering Vision: Never Fully Dressed has always empowered women to feel their best, embracing bold prints across premium quality styles. They aim to showcase changeable styling tips, illustrating how one can wear clothes in multiple ways. This takeover allows NFD to breathe life into this vision against the stunning backdrop of Dubai’s coastline.

KoKo Bay’s Iconic Venue: KoKo Bay, a venue that resonates with NFD’s vision and values, provides the perfect canvas for this creative union. With its legendary beach-inspired outdoor setting, KoKo Bay transports guests to the shores of Bali while offering breathtaking views of the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina skyline.

NFD x KoKo Bay's Dubai Extravaganza

An Immersive Experience of NFD x KoKo Bay

“We are overjoyed to announce our collaboration with KoKo Bay,” says Jemma Parker, Head of PR & Marketing at Never Fully Dressed. “This takeover represents the merging of elegance and relaxation, allowing us to bring our empowering designs to life against the stunning canvas of Dubai’s coastline. It’s an opportunity for us to curate an immersive experience that will linger in the memories of all guests.”

NFD Takes Over the Beach Club

Starting from November 1st, visitors to the beach club can expect a transformation like no other. The beach club will have NFD’s infamous prints, including sunbeds, seat cushions, parasols, and cabanas, creating a visual feast for all guests. But that’s not all; NFD’s exclusive pop-up at ‘La Sol Shop’ will also open its doors, allowing guests to shop the latest collection.

NFD: Empowering Women Through Fashion

The Power of In-House Designed Prints: NFD’s allure lies in its exclusive, in-house-designed prints. These prints are more than just patterns; they are a statement of empowerment. NFD’s community and international presence are a testament to the brand’s ability to connect with women from all walks of life.

Changeable Styling Tips: NFD doesn’t just sell clothes; they inspire. The brand showcases how one item can be worn in multiple ways, giving women the tools to express themselves through fashion in a versatile manner.

A Taste of Bali in Dubai

As guests step into this fantastic beach club, they will witness the legendary beaches of Bali. The palatable menu will tantalize their taste buds, perfectly paired with a touch of Balinese spirit. All this while guests soak in the stunning views of the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina skyline.

NFD x KoKo Bay's Dubai Extravaganza

KoKo Bay: The Perfect Hang-Out Spot

KoKo Bay is not just a beach club; it’s a hang-out spot where friends and family can gather. Whether a laid-back afternoon or a special evening under the stars, this venue offers the perfect setting for relaxation and enjoyment. To keep the vibe going strong from day to night, a roster of guest DJs and live entertainment acts will be in attendance.

Opening Hours

Experience the magic of NFD x KoKo Bay, the beach club is open daily with varying hours:

  • Monday to Thursday: 10 am – 1 am
  • Friday: 10 am – 2 am
  • Saturday: 8 am – 2 am
  • Sunday: 8 am – 1 am

Additionally, you can shop the latest Never Fully Dressed collection at La Sol Shop during the following hours:

  • Weekdays: 12 pm – 8 pm
  • Weekends: 10 am – 8 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will the NFD x KoKo Bay takeover last?

A: The takeover is a limited-time event starting from November 1st.

Q: Can I purchase NFD products at the beach club?

A: Yes, you can shop the latest NFD collection at the exclusive ‘La Sol Shop’ pop-up within the beach club.

Q: What makes NFD’s prints unique?

A: NFD’s prints are exclusive, in-house designed patterns that empower women to embrace bold styles.

Q: Are reservations required at KoKo Bay?

A: While reservations are recommended, walk-ins are also welcome at KoKo Bay.

Q: Is there live entertainment at the beach club?

A: Yes, guest DJs and live entertainment acts will keep the atmosphere lively from day to night.

Q: How can I get to KoKo Bay?

A: KoKo Bay is conveniently located along Dubai’s coastline, making it easily accessible by car or taxi.


The Never Fully Dressed x KoKo Bay beach club takeover in Dubai promises an unparalleled fusion of fashion and leisure. NFD’s empowering designs and KoKo Bay’s stunning beachside setting will woo your mind. This collaboration is set to redefine luxury lifestyle experiences in the heart of Dubai. Don’t miss out on this exclusive event, where empowerment meets relaxation and creativity meets luxury. Make your way to KoKo Bay and immerse yourself in the NFD x KoKo Bay world.


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