Affordable Healthcare Centres in UAE

Affordable healthcare centres in UAE

To know about Affordable healthcare centres in UAE, you must give this blog a read. We have shared top 10 here!

Are you trying to find the cheapest hospital in Dubai and the UAE? Here’s what you need to know. UAE features many affordable hospitals. In this blog, we’ll tell you about the cheapest healthcare centres in each country.

Top 10 Cheapest Hospital in Dubai and UAE

Zulekha Hospital Sharjah


NMC Royal Hospital, Khalifa City, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is JCI accredited. It is often one of the most affordable healthcare centres in the UAE. Their maternity package is also very affordable. For normal delivery, they charge 1,500 UAE dirhams.

Here are some more notable infrastructure details:

  • Capacity 500 beds
  • 53 intensive care beds
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • 24-hour ambulance service
  • OPD (Outpatient Treatment)
  • Automated laboratory
  • The hospital has a main mixed-use operating room with a flexible moving system
  • First NICU and PICU combination established


Zulekha Hospital is one of the most affordable hospitals in the UAE. ISO and JCI recognize it. For normal delivery, they charge 7,000 UAE dirhams. Also below are some of the most important infrastructure details.

  • Zulekha Hospital in Dubai has 140 beds. 
  • At Zulekha Hospital Dubai, diagnostic centres, pharmacies, and inpatient and outpatient care are available. 
  • This hospital offers the simplest health care packages. Its surgical facility is good as the hospital has initiated and successfully performed minimally invasive surgeries, joint replacement surgery, specialist surgery, and cardiac and neonatal surgery.
  • Radiology Lab, Laboratory, Operating Room, Dialysis Unit and Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory are all at Zulekha Hospital in Dubai, UAE.


Aster, one of the largest companies in the UAE, has been operating in Dubai since 1987. It covers various healthcare verticals from clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals to a modern medical city. With multiple regional branches in Bur Dubai, Karama, and Al Qusais, Aster can be an important player in Dubai’s healthcare industry with its commitment to solving all of its patients’ clinical problems. They charge 7,000 UAE dirhams for normal delivery.

Aster Hospital features a 114-bed facility with:

  • JCI Accredited
  • 5 extensively equipped operating theatres
  • Twin sharing rooms
  • Single rooms
  • VIP rooms
  • Day Surgery Unit
  • Dialysis Unit
  • 5 medical care Units (ICU), including an Isolation unit
  • Labour room and delivery suites
  • A Neonatal ICU with 8 beds and an isolation unit
  • Baby Nursery

Aster Hospitals Maternity Package 2022: With an experienced team of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in their clinics, coupled with advanced delivery and neonatal care facilities at our hospital, they ensure you and your newborn are in safe hands. They have special privileges for you even if your insurance is paying for the delivery.

  • Prenatal Care
  • Postpartum Care
  • Baby Care


In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi is accredited by JCI. For normal delivery, they charge 5,000 UAE dirhams. Here are some of the most important infrastructure details:

  • Capacity 209 beds 14 beds in the intensive care unit
  • Advanced CT, MRI and nerve positioning system
  • MRI 3.0 Tesla
  • Neurophysiology
  • Specialized physiotherapy
  • Well-managed rehabilitation services
  • 10 operating theatres
  • There are royal suites and presidential suites
  • It includes the most advanced processing equipment.
  • It has the most cutting-edge diagnostic tools.


The design structure of any hospital is fundamental. It shows how much a hospital cares about patient comfort. Overall, the Iranian hospital has 187 high-class beds, 35 specialized clinics, 10 intensive care beds, 12 neonatal intensive care beds, 9 intensive care beds, 8 operating rooms, and 24 pediatric beds. Their normal childbirth package is around 5000 Dirhams.

The hospital has medical facilities and facilities for both segments:

  • Inpatients
  • Outpatients
  • Inpatient Services:
  • 18 general beds, 3 VIP Acute care beds, and 1 isolation room are available for 24-hour emergency services.
  • ICU: 19 beds plus a room for a VIP
  • 8 beds in total, plus a VIP suite
  • Internal medicine ward with 26 beds and 2 VIP patient suite rooms
  • Global Healthcare Department has a VIP ward with 10 VIP Suite rooms for medical tourists.
  • Maternity package

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Sharjah Central Hospital offers many good healthcare packages for you and your family. They’ve put together specialist medical packages that will meet your needs, whether you want a complete health check, start your pregnancy journey, lose weight, need vital diabetes health or need surgery. They are simple to use and provide an initial cost estimate. For normal delivery, they charge 5,000 UAE dirhams.


Overall, the Iranian hospital has 187 high-class beds, 35 specialized clinics, 10 intensive care beds, 12 neonatal intensive care beds, 9 intensive care beds, 8 operating rooms, and 24 pediatric beds. This hospital charges 9,000 dirhams for normal birth.

The hospital provides both segments with medical and comfort facilities:

  • Inpatients
  • Outpatients


10 medical professionals representing 5 specialities work at Al Qassimi Hospital.

Originally established in 1976 in the Al Fisht district, Al Qassimi Hospital moved to its current location in 1991. The 362-bed government tertiary hospital with 235 inpatient beds and possibly a centre-approved training centre for undergraduate and graduate medical education. They charge around 6,000 UAE dirhams for normal delivery.


The hospital’s operating capacity is 154 beds. More than 72,000 visitors come to the hospital annually, including 45,416 visitors to the outpatient clinic and 27,506 to the emergency and accident departments.

NMC Royal Women's Hospital


The Saudi German hospital in Dubai, UAE, is accredited by ISO and JCI. This hospital charges 5,500 dirhams for normal birth.

Here are some of the most important infrastructure details:

  • Saudi Germany Hospital covers an area of ​​41,062 square meters.
  • Various room types are provided to patients according to their needs and requirements, from the economy, economy, deluxe, and super deluxe to royal suites.
  • It is a medical services tile that provides various medical services. The hospital has 37 ICUs, 21 NICUs, 11 PICUs, and 11 stroke unit beds.
  • The capacity of 30 beds 24/7 of the emergency department


So, these were all about top affordable healthcare centres in UAE. We have curated some of the cheapest hospitals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. These centres provide top-notch medical assistance at affordable rates. The number of medical tourists visiting the UAE is evidence of the high standard of medical care provided there. UAE is not among the top 15 destinations for medical tourists. Additionally, while healthcare quality is on par with that of developed nations like the USA and the UK, treatment costs in the UAE are significantly lower. In contrast to other developed nations, treatment in the UAE is less expensive because of low overhead costs rather than lower quality healthcare facilities.

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