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New Burger Menu Launched by La Fabrique Sports Bar Dubai

New Burger Menu Launched by La Fabrique Sports Bar Dubai

Indulge in gourmet burgers & exclusive UEFA EURO 2024 packages at La Fabrique Sports Bar, Pullman Dubai.

Located within the prestigious Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre, La Fabrique Sports Bar unveils its latest culinary sensation – an enticing burger menu meticulously crafted to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Step into a world where gastronomy meets innovation as La Fabrique’s expert chefs present a tantalizing array of gourmet burgers, each a masterpiece in its own right. Let’s delve into the exquisite offerings awaiting you at La Fabrique Sports Bar.

Culinary Masterpieces Await

At the heart of this gastronomic journey lies a selection of mouthwatering burgers, each a symphony of flavours and textures designed to cater to every palate. Let’s delve into the exquisite offerings awaiting eager diners:

Mushroom Truffle Melt

Prepare to be whisked away on a culinary adventure with the Mushroom Truffle Melt. This indulgent burger features a succulent 100% US Black Angus beef patty nestled between pillowy soft brioche buns. Embark on a journey of indulgence as you bite into layers of rich cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, sautéed mushrooms, and delicate baby arugula, all harmoniously brought together by a luscious truffle aioli. Served alongside golden French fries and a crisp salad, this burger is a testament to culinary excellence.

Deux Burger

The Deux Burger offers an irresistible choice for those seeking classic flavours with a twist. Crafted with the finest ingredients, including 100% US Black Angus beef, this burger has two delectable variations. Opt for the Classic, adorned with Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and La Fabrique’s special sauce, or dare to spice things up with the Spicy option, featuring jalapenos, cheddar cheese, and the same irresistible sauce. Accompanied by crispy potato skins and pickles, each bite is a burst of flavour.

Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken enthusiasts are in for a treat with the Chicken Schnitzel burger. Crispy chicken, nestled within a fluffy potato bun, is adorned with creamy buffalo mozzarella, grilled onions, and La Fabrique’s signature sauce. Served alongside tangy sauerkraut and crispy pretzels, this burger is a symphony of flavours and textures that will leave you craving more.

Salmon Burger

Seafood lovers can delight in the succulent Salmon Burger, featuring fire-roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic aioli, and a spicy salad, all nestled within a soft bun. Accompanied by tempura broccolini, this burger captures the essence of coastal dining, offering a refreshing and satisfying experience.

The Vege Express

Vegetarian guests are not forgotten with the Vege Express burger, crafted with a flavorful vegetarian patty sandwiched between vegan buns. This burger celebrates plant-based goodness and is topped with crisp lettuce, grilled onions, cucumber pickles, and tangy tomato chutney. It’s a feast for the senses, served alongside crunchy tortilla chips and a refreshing mesclun salad.

New Burger Menu Launched by La Fabrique Sports Bar Dubai

Elevate Your UEFA EURO 2024 Experience

As football fever grips the city, La Fabrique Sports Bar invites fans to savour these culinary delights while cheering for their favourite teams during UEFA EURO 2024 from 14 June to 14 July 2024. Choose from an array of exclusive packages tailored to enhance your viewing experience:

Striker Package

For AED 219, indulge in two hours of unlimited house beverages during the match, accompanied by a delectable snack. Opt for the AED 399 package and enjoy the match with a friend, relishing two snacks and two hours of unlimited beverages.

Attacking Midfield Deal

The Attacking Midfield Deal offers a litre of chilled hops paired with a delicious snack for just AED 89 for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

Centre Back Combo

Gather your friends and dive into the action with the Centre Back Combo. Enjoy a bucket of hops (five bottles) and a savoury snack for AED 169 as you immerse yourself in the excitement of the game.

Unparalleled Dining Experience at La Fabrique

With innovative culinary creations, vibrant ambience, and unparalleled hospitality, La Fabrique Sports Bar is a beacon of excellence in Dubai’s dining scene. Whether you’re a connoisseur of gourmet burgers or a genuine football fan, La Fabrique promises an unforgettable experience that tantalizes the senses and leaves a lasting impression.

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