A Guide to Voting in the UK General Election from the UAE

UK citizen living in Dubai? Here’s how you can vote in the upcoming UK election

Guide for British expats in UAE to vote in UK election. Register, cast your vote from abroad. Deadline June 18. Ensure your voice is heard!

With the upcoming UK general election looming on Thursday, July 4th, it’s imperative for British expatriates residing in the UAE to understand their voting rights and the process involved. Despite being miles away from home, your voice still matters, and we’re here to guide you through the steps to ensure your vote counts.

Eligibility to Vote

As a British citizen residing in the UAE, you maintain the right to vote in the UK general election. This right extends to eligible Irish citizens registering to vote in Northern Ireland. Regardless of your current location, as long as you hold British citizenship, you’re entitled to participate in shaping the future of your homeland.

Registering as an Overseas Voter

Registering as an overseas voter mirrors the process you would undertake back home. Keep your passport details handy as you navigate through the registration process. For those residing in England, Scotland, or Wales, registration occurs through the UK government website, while Northern Ireland requires a paper form submission.

A Guide to Voting in the UK General Election from the UAE

Determining Your Voting Constituency

Your voting constituency is determined by the last constituency you were registered in before relocating to the UAE. This ensures that your vote is allocated to the appropriate area, allowing you to contribute to the democratic process effectively.

Changes in Voting Eligibility

Recent legislative changes have broadened the scope of voting eligibility for expatriates. The Election Act 2022, which came into effect on January 16th, has eliminated the previous 15-year restriction on voting from abroad. Now, any British citizen can exercise their voting rights, regardless of the duration spent outside the country.

Casting Your Vote

Once registered, expatriates can cast their vote either by post or proxy. Postal voting requires online or postal application submission, with exceptions for Northern Ireland residents who must vote in person. Alternatively, proxy voting enables a trusted individual to vote on your behalf, provided they understand your candidate preferences.

Voter Registration Deadline

To participate in the upcoming general election, ensure timely registration by Tuesday, June 18th. For proxy voters, specific deadlines apply: Friday, June 28th for England, Scotland, or Wales, and Thursday, June 20th for Northern Ireland. Meeting these deadlines is crucial to guarantee your inclusion in the electoral process.

A Guide to Voting in the UK General Election from the UAE

Voting While on Holiday

Planning a holiday in Dubai during the election period doesn’t preclude you from exercising your voting rights. By applying before the registration deadline, you can arrange either a postal or proxy vote, ensuring your participation regardless of your location.


Your vote is your voice, irrespective of geographical boundaries. By understanding the voting process and fulfilling the necessary requirements, British expatriates in the UAE can actively contribute to shaping the political landscape back home. Don’t let distance deter you from exercising your democratic rights – every vote counts.

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