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Delights of Sushi Art’s Summer Menu

Delights of Sushi Art's Summer Menu

Discover Sushi Art’s tantalizing new summer menu, featuring exquisite Japanese flavors. Available for dine-in, delivery, takeaway, and app orders!

Sushi Art, renowned for its premium Japanese cuisine, welcomes the summer season with an array of enticing additions to its menu. From July 11th to the end of August, patrons can savor six new creations designed to capture the vibrant essence of summer. Whether dining in, opting for delivery or takeaway, or using the app, Sushi Art promises an experience that indulges all senses.

Exploring the Summer Menu Highlights

Delights of Sushi Art's Summer Menu

The Summer Box: A Taste of Variety

Price: 62 AED

The Summer Box offers a curated selection of 14 iconic recipes, featuring favorites like the South Tuna Roll, Salmon Delight Roll, Avocado Cheese Maki, Cheese Salmon Maki, and classic Salmon Sushi. This box is perfect for those exploring a range of flavors in one sitting.

Summer Box Gourmet: Indulgence Defined

Price: 90 AED

For summer 2024, Sushi Art introduces the Limited-Edition Summer Box Gourmet. Priced at 90 AED, this box includes 24 pieces of culinary excellence, showcasing delights such as the South Tuna Roll, Salmon Delight Roll, Rock N Roll Signature, Cheese Salmon Maki, Salmon Sushi, and Chicken Roll. It’s a must-try for discerning sushi enthusiasts seeking a premium dining experience.

Delights of Sushi Art's Summer Menu

South Tuna Roll: A Gourmet Sensation

Price: 15 AED for 3 pcs / 30 AED for 6 pcs

Crafted with Tuna Belly, Sundried Tomato, and Tapenade Mayonnaise, the South Tuna Roll offers a delectable blend of flavors and textures that elevate the sushi experience.

Salmon Delight Roll: Fusion of Flavors

Price: 15 AED for 3 pcs / 30 AED for 9 pcs

Winner of the Sushi Art cooking competition, the Salmon Delight Roll features Salmon, Beetroot, Almonds, and Mint. Each bite is a testament to culinary creativity and taste mastery.

Summer Poke: Fresh and Exotic

Price: 58 AED for medium size / 65 AED for large size

The Summer Poke Bowl presents a refreshing combination of Salmon, Fennel, and Pineapple, delivering freshness and exotic flavors.

Delights of Sushi Art's Summer Menu

Berry Sweet Spring: A Sweet Delight

Price: 11 AED for 3 pcs / 22 AED for 6 pcs

From the Sushi Art cooking competition comes the Berry Sweet Spring, a sweet treat featuring Strawberry, Beetroot, Fresh Mint, and Lemon, all wrapped in a delightful spring roll.


Sushi Art’s summer menu promises an unforgettable culinary journey through Japan’s finest flavors, meticulously crafted to celebrate the season’s vibrancy. Whether you’re a sushi connoisseur or someone looking to explore new tastes, these additions are designed to delight and satisfy.

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