Dubai Metro Stations Back in Action After Storm Closure – One Remains Closed!

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Discover the latest on Dubai Metro’s reopening! Three stations back online, one still closed. Stay informed!

In the wake of April’s unprecedented storm in Dubai, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) swiftly took action to address the impact on the city’s transportation infrastructure. Among the most affected were four Dubai Metro stations on the red line: Equiti, Energy, Al Mashreq, and ONPASSIVE. The torrential rain led to widespread flooding, necessitating the closure of these vital transport hubs.

Rapid Restoration Efforts

However, in a testament to the RTA’s commitment to service excellence and efficiency, three of the four closed stations have now reopened as of Sunday, May 19. ONPASSIVE, Equiti, and Mashreq resumed operations on this date, with Energy expected to follow suit in the coming week. This rapid restoration underscores the RTA’s dedication to ensuring minimal disruption to commuters’ daily routines.

Thorough Maintenance and Testing

The RTA has assured the public that extensive maintenance and testing procedures have been meticulously carried out to guarantee the safety and functionality of the reopened stations. These measures are essential to uphold the highest standards of operational integrity and passenger security within the Dubai Metro network.

Temporary Shuttle Bus Service

During the closure period, the RTA implemented a temporary shuttle bus service to facilitate seamless connectivity between affected stations. A fleet of 150 buses was deployed to shuttle passengers between designated stations, including Business Bay, ONPASSIVE, Mall of the Emirates, Mashreq, Equiti, Dubai Internet City, and Al Khail. This proactive initiative aimed to mitigate inconvenience for commuters while the affected metro stations underwent repairs and maintenance.

Express Bus Routes

In addition to the shuttle bus service, the RTA introduced a series of express bus routes to efficiently link closed stations with operational ones. These express buses, all originating from Business Bay metro station, offer three distinct routes:

  1. Route 1: Business Bay to ONPASSIVE station
  2. Route 2: Business Bay to Mall of the Emirates, Mashreq, and Equiti stations
  3. Route 3: Business Bay to Al Khail and Dubai Internet City stations, and vice versa

By strategically coordinating these express bus routes, the RTA aims to minimize travel disruptions and optimize the commuting experience for passengers.

Crowd Management Protocols

Recognizing the importance of passenger safety and crowd control, the RTA has implemented daily crowd management protocols at Dubai Metro stations during peak hours. These measures, in effect from 7am to 9:30am and 5pm to 8:30pm every day, are designed to ensure smooth flow and enhance the overall commuter experience.

Public Advisory

To further streamline operations and enhance efficiency, the RTA has advised the public to plan their journeys according to the operational status of Dubai Metro stations during peak hours. By avoiding peak travel times and choosing alternative routes where necessary, commuters can contribute to a more seamless transportation experience for all.


In conclusion, the reopening of three out of four closed Dubai Metro stations following April’s storm underscores the RTA’s unwavering commitment to providing reliable and efficient public transportation services. Through swift restoration efforts, comprehensive maintenance procedures, and proactive passenger assistance initiatives, the RTA continues to prioritize the safety and convenience of commuters across the city.

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