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Dubai Opera’s Spectacular 2024-2025 Season Line-Up

Dubai Opera's Spectacular 2024-2025 Season Line-Up

After a record-breaking season, Dubai Opera is excited to reveal the first 10 shows for the 2024-2025 season.

Dubai Opera, renowned for its grandeur and commitment to cultural excellence, is set to dazzle audiences again with its upcoming 2024-2025 season lineup. This season promises to be extraordinary, featuring diverse, world-class performances that will enrich Dubai’s cultural landscape.

Verdi’s “Aida” by Polish National Opera (13-15 September 2024)

Kicking off the season with grandeur, the Polish National Opera presents Giuseppe Verdi’s timeless masterpiece, “Aida.” Set against the backdrop of ancient Egypt, this opera unfolds a gripping tale of love and betrayal. Conducted by Patrick Fournillier and directed by Roberto Laganà Manoli, this performance promises a breathtaking experience for both opera fans and newcomers alike.

“Giselle” (18-21 September 2024)

Following “Aida,” the stage transforms into a realm of ethereal beauty with “Giselle,” presented by the esteemed Polish National Ballet and Orchestra. Choreographed by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot and conducted by Patrick Fournillier, this ballet weaves a haunting tale of love and loss, showcasing the ballet’s timeless grace and emotional depth.

Dubai Opera's Spectacular 2024-2025 Season Line-Up

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 (22 September 2024)

Dubai Opera continues its musical journey with Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, performed by the National Polish Opera Orchestra. Revered as one of the greatest symphonies in Western classical music, this performance promises to resonate through the hall with its powerful melodies and profound emotional impact.

Carla Bruni and Umberto Tozzi (27 September 2024)

The season offers intimate evenings with renowned artists like Carla Bruni and Umberto Tozzi. Carla Bruni, known for her enchanting melodies and subtle vocals, will captivate audiences on September 27, 2024. Her performance promises an unforgettable blend of sophistication and allure, drawing from her acclaimed repertoire, including the chart-topping album “Quelqu’un m’a dit.”

Umberto Tozzi – The Final Tour (28 September 2024)

On September 28, 2024, Umberto Tozzi bids farewell with his final tour, bringing decades of emotive lyrics and unforgettable hits like “Ti Amo” and “Gloria” to the Dubai Opera. This farewell tour marks a poignant moment for fans worldwide, celebrating Tozzi’s enduring legacy in Italian pop music.

Gustavo Santaolalla (5 October 2024)

Academy Award-winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla takes centre stage on October 5, 2024, commemorating the 25th anniversary of his iconic album “Ronroco.” Known for his evocative compositions featured in films like “Brokeback Mountain” and “Babel,” Santaolalla’s performance promises an evening of rich, cinematic soundscapes that transcend boundaries and captivate the senses.

Dubai Opera's Spectacular 2024-2025 Season Line-Up

Brad Mehldau (10 October 2024)

Grammy Award-winning pianist Brad Mehldau brings his unparalleled talent to the Dubai Opera on October 10, 2024. Renowned for his innovative approach to jazz and prolific contributions to film scores, Mehldau’s performance will showcase his versatility and profound musical depth. Audiences can expect a mesmerizing blend of improvisation and structured elegance, highlighting Mehldau’s enduring impact on the global jazz scene.

“Romeo and Juliet” (17-18 October 2024)

Acclaimed choreographer Benjamin Millepied boldly reinterprets Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy, “Romeo and Juliet.” Combining dance, theatre, and cinema, this innovative production set to Prokofiev’s iconic score offers a fresh perspective on love, fate, and destiny, promising an immersive theatrical experience.

Harmonious Operatic-Pop: Il Volo (25 October 2024)

Italian operatic-pop trio Il Volo enchants audiences on October 25, 2024, with their mesmerizing harmonies and charismatic performances. Celebrated for blending classical opera with Italian classics, Il Volo continues to captivate a global fan base with its distinctive sound and undeniable charm.

Dubai Opera's Spectacular 2024-2025 Season Line-Up

Sophie Ellis-Bextor (26 October 2024)

Pop sensation Sophie Ellis-Bextor takes the stage on October 26, 2024, bringing her infectious energy and chart-topping hits to Dubai Opera. Known for iconic songs like “Murder on the Dance Floor,” Ellis-Bextor’s performance promises an electrifying evening of music and dance, showcasing her undeniable talent and magnetic stage presence.

What’s Next: Future Announcements and Beyond

As Dubai Opera continues to set the stage for cultural excellence, the anticipation builds for additional announcements in the 2024-2025 season. Stay tuned for more details, as the opera house remains committed to bringing world-class artistry and unforgettable performances to Dubai’s vibrant cultural scene.

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