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Sardinia’s Participation in the Arabian Travel Market (ATM)

Sardinia's Participation in the Arabian Travel Market (ATM)

Discover Sardinia’s allure at Arabian Travel Market 2024! Explore its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and new flight routes.

Sardinia, the stunning Italian island known for its pristine beaches, rich history, and unique cultural offerings, is set to make a mark at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) from May 6th to 9th, 2024. This international fair, held at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Centre, is a pivotal event in the tourism calendar, showcasing the best of inbound and outbound tourism.

Opportunity and Strategy

Participating in the ATM represents a significant opportunity for Sardinia to introduce itself to a new and expanding market. The inauguration of the Dubai-Olbia route by flydubai, an Emirates Group company, is a strategic move that will bolster the island’s tourism industry.

The new flight, operating every Tuesday and Saturday from June 15 to Aug 31, 2024, is a game-changer. It not only connects two beautiful destinations but also opens up avenues for cultural exchange and economic growth.

Sardinia's Participation in the Arabian Travel Market (ATM)

Key Figures and Collaboration

At the ATM, a press conference is scheduled for 11:00 on Tuesday, May 7th, to announce the new route. Regional Tourism Councillor Franco Cuccureddu will be a key speaker at the event, along with Jeyhun Efendi, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations of flydubai, and Mario Garau and Giovanna Loriga, Director and Deputy Commercial Director of Aviation and Marketing of Olbia Airport, respectively.

Cuccureddu’s attendance underscores the importance of this opportunity for Sardinia. He expressed confidence in approaching the new market and highlighted the significance of the new route in enhancing the island’s tourism.

Target Audience and Appeal

The target audience for Sardinia extends beyond Emiratis to include the many expats living in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The island’s mild climate, especially appealing during the high temperatures of the Emirates’ summer, makes it an ideal vacation spot.

Sardinia offers a diverse range of attractions, including its rich cultural heritage, captivating hiking trails, and exquisite enogastronomic offerings. The island’s village tourism is also gaining popularity, thanks to new events and entertainment options that cater to a global audience.

Unique Offerings

Sardinia’s cultural offerings are truly remarkable. The Nuragic civilization, unique in the Mediterranean, rivals the Egyptian civilization in originality and magnificence. The Domus de Janas, nominated for inclusion in UNESCO’s World Heritage List, adds to the island’s allure.

The hiking trails in Sardinia, especially the legendary “Selvaggio Blu,” are among the most famous in the world, attracting adventure enthusiasts from far and wide. The island’s natural beauty and enogastronomic delights further enhance its appeal.

Sardinia's Participation in the Arabian Travel Market (ATM)

Strategic Importance

Councillor Franco Cuccureddu emphasized that while Sardinia’s strength lies in its beautiful beaches, the island offers much more. The diverse attractions, including cultural sites, hiking trails, and entertainment events, make Sardinia a year-round destination.

The direct flight between Dubai and Olbia is a game-changer for Sardinia’s tourism industry. Dubai Airport’s status as a major hub for air transport makes Sardinia easily accessible to visitors from around the world, further enhancing its global appeal.


Sardinia’s participation in the Arabian Travel Market is a significant step towards expanding its tourism industry and attracting visitors from the United Arab Emirates and beyond. The inauguration of the Dubai-Olbia route by flydubai marks a new chapter in the island’s tourism development, offering a direct link to a thriving market.

Sardinia’s unique cultural offerings, stunning natural beauty, and diverse attractions make it a compelling destination for travelers seeking a memorable vacation experience. The island’s participation in the ATM is an opportunity to showcase its rich heritage and hospitality to a global audience, setting the stage for a prosperous future in tourism.

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