Update On The UAE-Oman Hafeet Railway Project Is Here Now

Everything we know about the UAE-Oman railway project

Discover the groundbreaking UAE-Oman Hafeet Rail project connecting nations, revolutionizing travel and trade.

After years of anticipation, the ambitious UAE-Oman railway project has kicked off, marking a significant step in regional connectivity. Plans for this vital link between the neighbouring Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations have been brewing since 2022, and now, the wheels are finally in motion.

Key Project Details

The initial phase of the railway will stretch from the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, to the bustling Omani port city of Sohar. This monumental endeavour involves the construction of 60 bridges, some towering as high as 34 meters, and several tunnels spanning a cumulative distance of 2.5 kilometres. Designed to traverse diverse terrains and weather conditions, the railway boasts innovative engineering solutions to ensure safe and efficient journeys.

Collaborative Efforts Underway

May saw the commencement of work on this grand project following a shareholder agreement between Hafeet Rail, a consortium comprising Etihad Rail and Oman Rail, and key construction firms. The project garnered its moniker, Hafeet Rail, during the UAE-Oman Business Forum in Abu Dhabi, underscoring the collaborative spirit driving its realization.

Update On The UAE-Oman Hafeet Railway Project Is Here Now

What Hafeet Rail Means for You

Enhanced Connectivity and Efficiency

Initially linking Abu Dhabi’s Al Wathba area to Sohar, the railway promises swift journeys, reaching up to 200 kilometres per hour, reducing travel time between the two hubs to a mere 100 minutes. Passenger trains boasting a capacity of 400 individuals will ply these routes, offering a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional modes of transport.

Environmental Sustainability

With a freight train capacity equivalent to 300 trucks, Hafeet Rail aims to slash carbon emissions by a staggering 80%. Passing through varied landscapes, including deserts, mountains, and the iconic Jebel Hafeet, this project aligns with the UAE’s commitment to sustainable development and green initiatives.

Boost to Regional Trade and Economy

Beyond facilitating smoother cross-border travel, Hafeet Rail is poised to revolutionize trade between the UAE and Oman. The railway will bolster commerce by significantly reducing transportation times and costs, connecting five major ports and numerous free zones across both nations.

Paving the Way for Gulf Integration

Towards a Shared Vision

This landmark railway project strengthens bilateral ties and lays the groundwork for broader regional integration. As part of the long-term GCC vision for a Gulf Railway, Hafeet Rail sets the stage for enhanced connectivity and economic cooperation among member states.

Anticipated Impact on Businesses

The implications are profound for businesses. With a single freight train capable of transporting 15,000 tonnes of cargo, Hafeet Rail promises to streamline logistics and supply chains, fostering growth and prosperity on both sides of the border.

As construction progresses on the UAE-Oman Hafeet Rail, the Gulf region will experience a new era of connectivity, sustainability, and prosperity.

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