World Art Dubai Returns With its 10th Edition With Hundreds of Local and International Artists

World Art Dubai Returns With its 10th Edition With Hundreds of Local and International Artists

The region’s largest contemporary art fair returns, in partnership with Dubai Culture, to World Trade Centre from 2nd – 5th May!

Marking a decade of artistic excellence, World Art Dubai (WAD) unveils its most ambitious edition yet, in collaboration with Dubai Culture. From 2nd to 5th May 2024, art enthusiasts will immerse themselves in a global journey of creativity at Dubai World Trade Centre. Let’s delve into the vibrant tapestry of artistry and cultural exchange that defines this monumental event.

Overview of World Art Dubai 2024

World Art Dubai 2024 sets the stage for an unparalleled artistic extravaganza, featuring over 4,000 artworks from 65+ countries. This year’s edition promises a holistic cultural experience, with 12 pavilions showcasing diverse artistic expressions. From sculpture to digital art, the fair celebrates creativity in all its forms while fostering global connections and cultural dialogue.

The Role of World Art Dubai in Dubai’s Creative Economy Strategy

World Art Dubai plays a pivotal role in Dubai’s ambitious vision to double the contribution of creative industries to its GDP by 2026. As a cornerstone event, it not only attracts thousands of visitors but also amplifies the emirate’s vibrant art scene on the global stage. Through strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives, WAD contributes to the realization of Dubai’s creative economy goals, driving growth and diversity in the cultural sector.

Unveiling the WAD Tourism Art Tour

In a groundbreaking move, World Art Dubai introduces the WAD Tourism Art Tour, offering exhibitors a curated journey through the UAE’s rich artistic landscape. From guided tours to interactive art experiences, this initiative redefines traditional art fair offerings, inviting visitors to explore beyond the confines of the exhibition halls and immerse themselves in the local art scene.

World Art Dubai Returns With its 10th Edition With Hundreds of Local and International Artists

Spotlight on Strategic Partnerships

Dubai Culture’s partnership with World Art Dubai underscores a shared commitment to advancing the emirate’s cultural and creative industries. By making art more accessible and engaging, this collaboration contributes to Dubai’s reputation as a thriving cultural destination. Through synergistic efforts, both entities champion artistic excellence and cultural exchange on a global scale.

Legacy Exhibitors

WAD 2024 boasts a lineup of distinguished legacy exhibitors, including Lotus Educational Institute, Art Plus Photographers Production, and JAPAN PROMOTION Gallery. These art world stalwarts showcase a fusion of contemporary and traditional techniques, offering visitors a glimpse into Japan’s rich artistic heritage. From intricate lacquer paintings to exquisite silk tapestries, their offerings epitomize the intersection of tradition and innovation in art.

Experiential Art Activations

Beyond traditional exhibitions, World Art Dubai 2024 features a myriad of experiential art activations designed to engage the senses and spark dialogue. From interactive installations to live performances, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in a multisensory journey of artistic discovery. These dynamic experiences foster connections between artists and audiences, transcending cultural boundaries through shared creative expression.

Curated Art Talks and Workshops

Enriching the visitor experience, WAD 2024 presents a series of curated art talks and workshops led by industry experts. From discussions on contemporary art trends to hands-on masterclasses, these sessions offer invaluable insights into the creative process. By fostering dialogue and skill-sharing, World Art Dubai empowers aspiring artists and enthusiasts to deepen their appreciation for the arts.

World Art Dubai Returns With its 10th Edition With Hundreds of Local and International Artists

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

At the heart of World Art Dubai lies a celebration of cultural diversity and artistic innovation. With pavilions dedicated to countries and regions worldwide, the fair serves as a melting pot of global creativity. From traditional Middle Eastern art to cutting-edge digital installations, WAD showcases the breadth and depth of human expression, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

The Impact of Returning Exhibitors

The high exhibitor retention rate at WAD 2024 underscores the trust and satisfaction artists and galleries find in the platform. As 40% of exhibitors return to showcase their work, World Art Dubai continues to nurture long-lasting relationships within the artistic community. This steadfast support reflects WAD’s commitment to providing a supportive environment for artistic growth and collaboration.


As World Art Dubai 2024 unfolds, it beckons art enthusiasts on a journey of discovery and inspiration. From legacy exhibitors preserving artistic traditions to innovative initiatives like the WAD Tourism Art Tour, the fair epitomizes the transformative power of art in fostering cultural exchange and creative expression. As we celebrate a decade of artistic brilliance, let us embrace the boundless possibilities of the global art scene, united in our shared passion for creativity and cultural diversity.

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