Dubai’s Newest Cycling Marvel: The Hessa Street Project

Two Dubai neighbourhoods are about to be connected

Explore Dubai’s latest marvel: the Hessa Street cycling track connecting neighborhoods, enhancing mobility, and sustainability.

Dubai, known for its grandeur and innovation, is once again making headlines with its latest ambitious project: the Hessa Street cycling track. Announced by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), this expansive cycling route is set to redefine urban mobility and connectivity within the city.

Unveiling the Route

Spanning an impressive 13.5 kilometers, the Hessa Street cycling track promises a seamless journey for cyclists, pedestrians, and scooter enthusiasts alike. Connecting two prominent neighborhoods, Al Sufouh and Dubai Hills, this route is poised to become a vital artery of Dubai’s transportation network.

Enhancing Urban Mobility

The significance of the Hessa Street project extends beyond mere convenience. By providing dedicated lanes for non-motorized transportation, such as bicycles and scooters, the RTA aims to alleviate traffic congestion and promote a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle among Dubai residents.

Futuristic Infrastructure

What sets the Hessa Street cycling track apart are the two innovative bridges that will be integral to its continuity. These bridges, spanning across Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road, boast futuristic designs and state-of-the-art features. With separate lanes allocated for cyclists and pedestrians, safety and efficiency are paramount.

Bridging Communities

As Dubai continues to expand and evolve, connectivity between neighborhoods becomes increasingly crucial. The Hessa Street project addresses this need by seamlessly integrating with existing transport hubs, such as the Dubai Internet City metro station. This strategic alignment ensures accessibility and convenience for all commuters.

Sustainable Solutions

In line with Dubai’s commitment to sustainability, the Hessa Street cycling track is designed to accommodate the city’s growing population while minimizing environmental impact. By promoting alternative modes of transportation, the project aims to reduce carbon emissions and pave the way for a greener future.

Visionary Leadership

At the helm of this transformative project is His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RTA. His vision and leadership have been instrumental in shaping Dubai’s transportation landscape and driving innovation across the city.

Looking Ahead

As construction progresses on the Hessa Street cycling track, anticipation builds for its completion and inauguration. Once operational, this cycling marvel is poised to revolutionize urban mobility in Dubai, setting new benchmarks for cities around the world.


The Hessa Street project represents a testament to Dubai’s unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community connectivity. With its visionary designs, cutting-edge infrastructure, and emphasis on promoting non-motorized transportation, it embodies the city’s ethos of pushing boundaries and embracing the future.

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