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The Petshop to Host “Bark ‘N Learn” Summer Camp

The Petshop to Host “Bark ‘N Learn” Summer Camp

The Petshop, renowned across the Middle East as the premier destination for all things pets, is proud to announce its latest initiative, Bark ‘N Learn. This innovative summer camp, hosted in partnership with Ginger Ways, a distinguished force-free dog trainer in the UAE, and Stray Dogs Center, a respected rescue group, aims to educate and empower children through a unique blend of dog training and responsible pet ownership lessons.

An Educational Journey for Children and Puppies

Bark ‘N Learn is not just another summer camp; it’s a transformative experience designed to instill empathy, understanding, and effective communication skills in children while providing rescued puppies with essential training before finding their forever homes. Held at The Petshop’s Dubai Investment Park branch, the camp runs from 9 am to 10:30 am over five dynamic days.

The Petshop to Host “Bark ‘N Learn” Summer Camp

Daily Activities and Curriculum Overview

Each day of the camp focuses on different aspects of dog training and care:

Day 1: Introduction and Basic Cues

The journey begins with introductions to the camp’s furry participants and basic cues essential for effective communication between children and dogs.

Day 2: Enrichment and Agility Training

Children engage in activities designed to enrich the lives of dogs through mental and physical challenges, promoting confidence and mutual understanding.

Day 3: Hands-on Grooming Techniques

Participants learn practical grooming skills under expert guidance, ensuring the well-being and hygiene of their four-legged friends.

Day 4: Expert Nutritional Tips & Tricks

Nutritional experts share valuable insights on crafting balanced diets for dogs, emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition for their health.

Day 5: Basic Veterinary Practices and Graduation Celebration

The final day includes basic veterinary practices to teach children how to care for their pets in emergencies, culminating in a celebratory graduation ceremony to commemorate their achievements and unforgettable moments.

Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership

Bark ‘N Learn exemplifies The Petshop’s commitment to fostering responsible pet ownership and cultivating a generation of compassionate pet owners. By educating children on the fundamentals of caring for animals, the initiative strengthens the bond between pets and their families while promoting respect and empathy for animals in the community.

The Petshop to Host “Bark ‘N Learn” Summer Camp

Participation Details and Booking Information

Families can enroll their children for Bark ‘N Learn at AED200 per child per day or opt for the full five-day experience at AED840 per child. For more information and to secure your child’s spot, visit The Petshop’s official website or follow them on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Key Event Dates

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Bark ‘N Learn sessions:

  • First Event: July 8th – July 12th
  • Second Event: July 15th – July 19th
  • Third Event: August 19th – August 23rd


Join Bark ‘N Learn at The Petshop’s Dubai Investment Park branch and embark on a journey of learning, compassion, and fun with your child and a furry friend. Experience the joy of responsible pet ownership and empower your children to become lifelong advocates for animal welfare.

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