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Third Edition of The MICHELIN Guide Dubai Unveils a New two Star Restaurant

Third Edition of The MICHELIN Guide Dubai Unveils a New two Star Restaurant

The MICHELIN Guide Dubai 2024 selection also includes 4 new one MICHELIN Star and 6 new Bib Gourmand restaurants!

The unveiling of The MICHELIN Guide Dubai 2024 at One&Only One Za’abeel marks a significant event in the culinary world. It showcases the city’s vibrant gastronomic scene and honors establishments that have achieved culinary excellence. This year’s guide, meticulously curated by anonymous MICHELIN Inspectors, celebrates 106 establishments across 35 different types of cuisine, each selected for their exceptional quality and unique contributions to Dubai’s diverse culinary landscape.

New Stars and Bib Gourmands: Recognizing Excellence

In its third edition, The MICHELIN Guide Dubai 2024 introduces several notable additions to its prestigious list of starred restaurants. Among the highlights are four new MICHELIN Star restaurants that have distinguished themselves with outstanding cuisine, service, and ambience. These stars reflect culinary mastery and a commitment to delivering memorable dining experiences in Dubai.

Two MICHELIN Stars: Elevating Culinary Artistry

The pinnacle of this year’s guide is the recognition of one new two MICHELIN Stars restaurant. This accolade signifies exceptional culinary artistry; every dish represents a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition. Awarding two stars reaffirms Dubai’s position as a global culinary destination, attracting discerning diners seeking unparalleled gastronomic adventures.

Bib Gourmands: Celebrating Affordable Excellence

In addition to starred restaurants, The MICHELIN Guide Dubai 2024 introduces six new Bib Gourmands. These establishments are celebrated for offering exceptional food at moderate prices, embodying the essence of good value and high-quality dining experiences in Dubai. The Bib Gourmand category continues to grow, recognizing venues that combine delicious food with affordability, making gourmet dining accessible to a broader audience.

One&Only One Za’abeel: The Iconic Venue

The choice of One&Only One Za’abeel as the MICHELIN Guide Dubai 2024 venue underscores its status as an iconic location in Dubai’s hospitality landscape. Situated in the heart of the city, this luxurious hotel epitomizes elegance and sophistication. It offers breathtaking views of Dubai’s skyline and provides a perfect backdrop for celebrating culinary excellence.

Culinary Diversity: A Showcase of Global Flavors

The diversity of cuisines highlighted in The MICHELIN Guide Dubai 2024 reflects Dubai’s multicultural essence. From traditional Emirati dishes to avant-garde international fare, the guide celebrates the richness of global flavors available in the city. Each restaurant recognized in the guide contributes to Dubai’s culinary tapestry, offering gastronomic journeys that appeal to both locals and international visitors alike.

The Impact of MICHELIN Stars

The awarding of MICHELIN Stars recognizes culinary excellence and is a catalyst for enhancing dining experiences. Restaurants honoured in The MICHELIN Guide Dubai 2024 are distinguished not only by their exceptional cuisine but also by their commitment to service, ambience, and overall guest satisfaction. The coveted stars serve as a benchmark for quality, inspiring chefs and restaurateurs to continually innovate and exceed expectations.

MICHELIN Guide Dubai

The presence of The MICHELIN Guide in Dubai underscores the city’s rise as a global culinary capital. Each edition reinforces Dubai’s commitment to excellence in hospitality and dining, attracting attention from food enthusiasts, industry professionals, and travelers seeking unparalleled culinary experiences. The guide’s influence extends beyond ratings, shaping perceptions and setting standards for gastronomic excellence worldwide.


The MICHELIN Guide Dubai 2024 at One&Only One Za’abeel celebrates the pinnacle of culinary achievement in Dubai, honoring establishments that embody innovation, creativity, and dedication to culinary arts. From new stars to Bib Gourmands, each accolade represents a testament to Dubai’s vibrant gastronomic diversity and commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences.

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